Battery Cage Sales, "Nation Wide"

Battery Cage Sales, "Nation Wide"
Battery cages are cages made from wire. They have wire mesh floors, through which feces passes into the manure pit below, and small gaps in the front, to allow the hens to feed.  A sloping floor ensures that the eggs roll into a trough. The wire walls often cause extreme feather loss and painful, lifelong blisters. Battery cages can be imported or made locally depending on your wants/desire.


  • Chickens have reduced risks of infection as they have no direct contact with their droppings 
  •   Eggs stay clean and are not easily broken
  • Eggs can easily be retrieved by the farmer
  • Cages can easily be kept clean
  • Records and counting will be very easy

More about our farm
Chris farm Nigeria offers consultancy on production of live stocks like; fishery, poultry , piggery, snailery, grass-cutter, rabbitery, and other field of farming techniques alongside with providing opportunities to empower smaller farmers through our training programs, sells of practical Training Materials on Argo-productions, project development, project writing, and explanation of well developed feasibility studies of the above listed production. 
We are also a major distributor of  battery cage system all over Nigeria. Our major supplier is base in china and our locally made suppliers is based in Ogun State Nigeria. We supply any type of battery cage for your birds, both chicks, Boilers, layering birds and so on. 
Your desire to place your birds/livestock on battery cage system for easy management is guarantee with us. On your demand, we supply to your farm. But if your desire is specific, it may take an additional one week to  construct and send to you ( your desired battery cage) within thirty working days to Lagos port authority (if your desire an imported one) and later send to you after clearing within two days to your farm, but if you desire a locally made one, we will supply it to your farm within two weeks.
We  also build poultry sheds and fix up your battery cage if you so desire. Our expertise are from china to give you a world class design, but, if you need our locally made one, our battery cage technicians are 24-7 ready to attained to your needs. NOTE; we do not place order for battery cage system that is less than 1,000 birds capacity from china, we prefer supplying our Nigeria made to customers that place order below 1000 birds capacity, because of high cost of importation. Some Samples of foreign products from china are displayed with their dimensions below;
Poultry Battery Cages can be fabricated as
  1.            Single tier battery cages single sided
  2.            Single tier  battery cages double sided
  3.            Two tier  battery cages single sided
  4.            Two tier  battery cages double sided
  5.            Three tiers  battery cages single sided
  6.            Three tiers  battery cages double sided
  7.            Four tiers  battery cages double sided
      Tiers more than three can be provided with either elevated platform or movable stand to allow attendant to reach to the higher tiers 

Battery cages can be slanted to allow for drops of manure directly to the floor

Battery cages can also be straight, vertical design whereby manures are dropped in trays, which are removed and cleaned; this allows more cages in the poultry than the slanted type. 

To reduce the burden of cleaning, conveyors can be installed in place of tray, which are easily cleaned at the ends.

For those who intend to sell or make use of the manures on farms, Drying means can also be provided in form of air supply directly on to the wastes, getting rid of odor and drying them at the same time, this could be applied on trays or conveyors.

Position of feeder and drinkers on the battery cages can be adjusted to suit growing chicks.

Poultry Battery Cages can be for LAYERS, BROILERS, COCKERELS and other types of birds.

Poultry Battery Cages are provided in the following sizes:
  1. 4 feet (1.2 m) length with 2 compartments
  2. 6 feet (1.8 m) length with 3 compartments
  3. 8 feet (2.4 m) length with 4 compartments
Each compartment is 400mm (H) x 400mm (D) x 600mm (L).
Custom sizes of battery cages can be built to suit space provided, but it is advisable that lengths more than eight feet be split into two or more unit to prevent sagging due to birds weight at the middle.

Eggs roll out easily from the battery cages for collection.
Drinkers and feeders for the battery cages are made of plastic with adjustable hangers.



·        Bank Deposit
·        Electronic Fund Transfer or western money transfer
·        ATM cash Transfer

This payment method requires the customer to deposit, Electronic
Fund Transfer or ATM cash Transfer directly from his/her account into any of CHRIS FARM NIGERIA bank accounts.

If it is an E-Book, project materials, written project or written feasibility study, it will be sent to your immediately as soon as your transaction reflects in our account.

Please note; it will take ten working days to write (or prepare) a feasibility study or a project on your request.
Our bank details are on the website page, Just click on payment to get them

After placing your order, SMS your payment information (Manual title,
Name on teller, payment teller number, and your e-mail address)
E.g. catfish, Kelechi Bisi Amina,531796,
To +2348036925718 or +2348051270981 once I confirm your payment.
The material will be sent to your immediately! By e-mail Trust us 100% to do that.
Advantages of sending your request via email your e-book (electronic book) is downloadable from your e-mail box which allows you to read and print out this book

• Zero shipping costs.
• No wasting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery.
• No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged

Thinking that we might live you after your purchase? Definitely no!
With the CBN policy in Nigeria via bank verification number (BVN), is almost impossible to steal your money from bank transfer or bank payment.

We assure you of maximum support when you need us. Please, do not hesitate to ask us for the way ahead.

 • A big thank you for your patronage in advance

Your Success, Is Our Optimum Desire

AT Chris farm Nigeria, We Deliver the Best Services…

PHONE: +234(803)-692-5718 or +234(805)-127-0981

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